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Are you a little worried because your Android Gps Not Working due to unknown reasons? Without any doubt, it can be said that Gps devices have changed the world. You can now easily travel anywhere you want, no matter whether you had visited the place once or are new to the place.

Have you remembered the time when there were no Gps devices? Ohh! It was really tough to travel then. We all have to depend on other people to ask for the right path and most of the time we end up struggling in the wrong location. Isn’t it?

But, we are not here to discuss the benefits of Gps devices. The sad part is, even these smart devices sometimes stopped working and that’s where the real problem arises.

Here are the steps that will help you to get your Gps started working again.

Why Is My Android GPS Not Working?

Stressed because your Gps Not Working On Android? Several reasons could be responsible for this issue. The reason why your Gps Not Working has been mentioned below.

  1. Inclement weather issues in your area right now.
  2. Your wifi or internet has stopped working.
  3. The accuracy modes are not enabled.
  4. There is not enough power in your android device.
  5. Your Gps app is not updated

All of these mentioned reasons are sometimes one of the main causes why Android Gps Not Working properly. So, do follow the steps that have been mentioned below to resolve the issue. Or else, you can also take help from our experts. To connect with them, call on the given Gps Helpline NumberThese Experts are experienced to resolve any Gps issues like how to do Gps Update or how to fix when any Gps device stopped responding.



How To Fix When My Gps Not Responding?

If your Gps Not Working on your android device then move it to a different spot and then wait there, turn off the mobile and turn it On again, reboot the device and put it on airplane mode, use the better accuracy modes, make sure your device is fully charged, and update the Gps map app to latest version.

1. Move Your Device To A Different Spot

If your Gps Not Working on Android then it might not be the fault of your mobile phone. It may be possible that you don’t have enough line of sight with the Gps satellites or the weather is not well currently.

In addition to that, move your Gps device away from the metallic objects, the sky should be clear, and you do not need to stand next to the high walls. All of these actions will make your mobile phone find better signals.

2. Make Sure You Have An Internet Connection

Almost all the apps on an android mobile need a working internet connection. Hence, it may be possible that it’s not the devices or the app’s fault but your internet has stopped working. So, you would need to connect your device to a working internet connection. This is one of the best ways to resolve the problem.

3. Turn Off/On The Gps Toggle

This is one of the easiest and the simplest methods of the whole process. You should know that there is a toggle in the quick menu of the app shade for Gps functionality. You can access the app shade by swiping down the screen from the top. Here, you will find the Gps toggle that you need to turn off and then turn On again.

4. Put Your Device On Airplane Mode

If all the above-mentioned issues don’t seem to work perfectly, here is something that may fix why your Android Gps Not Working fine. You just need to turn On the Airplane mode on your android device. This will turn off all the wireless communications. After a while, turn On the Airplane button again and check if your Gps has started working or not.

Even after following this method if you have found that the GPS is still not working, it simply means that it needs some experts to help. 

5. Try To Use Better Accuracy Mode

In modern android mobile phones, you can boost Gps accuracy in various ways. If you have recently discovered that the performance of your Gps device is very poor, make sure you have enabled this accuracy.

To do so, you just need to swipe down the app shade and hold the location shortcut tab to go to the settings. This is one of the quickest ways to go to the settings but also depends on different mobile phones. 

From the settings section, make sure that your phone is set to use the wifi and Bluetooth to improve the Gps accuracy. In addition to that, do check whether the Google location accuracy is turned ON or not.

6. Your Phone Should Be Charged Completely

It may be possible that the battery of your phone is about to die and hence it switched to Power saving mode. This is why Android Gps Not Working properly.

So, check the battery and if it is found red then connect the mobile to the charger and turn off the power-saving mode.

7. Reinstall Or Update The Gps Maps

Sometimes, it’s not the phone’s fault but it’s the app that is creating the trouble. Hence, you either have to switch to another app or try to reinstall it.

On the other hand, it may also be possible that you have installed an outdated version or didn’t update the device to its latest version.




If your Android Gps Not Working properly then you need to follow all those methods mentioned above. Several reasons could be responsible for this problem and that’s all are included above. So, you all are prepared for the next time. If still, you want the expert’s help then do call on the given Gps Helpline number.

How To Fix When Android GPS Not Working? GPS Not Working | Gps Helpline Number
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