Let’s Troubleshoot Common Garmin GPS Problems


While using the Garmin GPS device, we all encounter one or other kinds of issues. To resolve them all, you need to search the whole web and we know that. But, in this guide, we are going to discuss all the Common Garmin GPS Problems that create trouble for you. 

In earlier times, it was very hard to go through an unknown route. But today, with the help of GPS devices, you can go anywhere you want. 

Let’s not waste much time and move forward towards the troubleshooting methods. 

List Of Most Common Garmin Gps Problems

  1. Faulty power button
  2. Poor Display
  3. Signal Detection Failure
  4. Sudden Shutoff
  5. Depleted battery Issues
  6. Exhausted logic board
  7. No Sound Output
  8. Uploading and downloading problems
  9. No GPS satellite reception
  10. Unresponsive Touch screen
  11. GPS locking up

How To Fix Garmin Gps Problems?

To fix the issue related to your GPS, first, you have to find the main problem. We have provided you with the list, we hope that you have found out the cause. 

Now, we will give you all the methods one by one. You just have to follow all the steps in the same given order. In any case, you need some extra help then do call on the given helpline number. 

How To Fix When Garmin GPS Not Working?

If you are trying to turn On the GPS device it failed. Follow the steps that have been written below. 

  1. The first thing that you need to check when Garmin GPS Not Starting is the power cable. Either you have not connected the power cable or it becomes damaged. So, check accordingly and if found nothing then jump to the next step. 
  2. If you have found that your power cable is working well but still GPS is not turning On then check the power button. Most of the time, we forget to turn ON the button and end up saying that GPS stops working. 
  3. In the radio system or behind the navigation setting you will find a fuse. Check if that fuse is working or need its replacement
  4. After checking for all the above-given steps, it’s time to check the batteries of the device. Running the GPS device with a low battery will let you face common Garmin GPS Problems
  5. Check the battery of the remote control too. 

How To Fix No Sound Input In Garmin GPS Device?

If you have found that your GPS device is not producing any sound then follow the steps given below: 

  1. First, you need to check if the wires are properly connected with the speakers and the GPS device. 
  2. The GPS navigation setting should not be set to mute. If it has been set to mute then unmute it now.
  3. Check the volume of the Garmin GPS device. It may be possible that you have set the volume to low
  4. Check the batteries of the remote. In case you are running the remote with low batteries then you can’t increase the volume. 
  5. Click on OSD on the remote. It will help you to check all the sides of the speaker

How To Fix When Garmin GPS Touch Screen Not Working?

Garmin GPS Touch Screen Not Working is one of the most Common Garmin GPS Problems. To fix the issue follow the steps that have been given below.

  1. Open the “menu” tab 
  2. Click on “options” 
  3. Select “systems” 
  4. Open “calibration” 

It happens most of the time that the screen of the GPS device takes some time. Hence, wait for a while if the screen will not work then contact our support providers now. 

How To Fix The Issue of No GPS Reception?

To fix this issue, first, you have to cross-check all the antennas. Antennas should be plugged in properly. Or else, there could be chances that there is no GPS reception in the area you are searching for now. 

How To Fix When GPS Not Able To Pinpoint Current Location?

Although this is something that is not rare. But, if you have found that your GPS device is not able to pinpoint a location, check if you are using the current version or not. 

Most of the time, we forget to do the Garmin Gps Map Update and end up facing similar issues. So, we would like to suggest you update your GPS map with the help of the Garmin Express Map Update

Final Words…


While using the Gps device, you may encounter Common Garmin GPS Problems. This is why we would like you to save our helpline number in your phonebook. We understand that you can’t resolve all GPS-related issues on your own. 

Hence, first, try to fix it via the methods provided above, and if nothing works out then call us on a given helpline number. The dedicated team of experts will fix the trouble in a short possible time. So, do it now.

Let’s Troubleshoot Common Garmin GPS Problems
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