A Brief Guide For Garmin GPS Map Update

Garmin GPS Map Update

Do you remember that time when there was no device to tell the right road? We all depended on other people to ask our destination and many times we end up following the wrong path. Does that ever happen to you? But today, we are very lucky to have GPS devices like Garmin with the help of which we can reach anywhere we want without taking anybody’s help. In this guide, we are going to tell you how to do the Garmin GPS Map Update

Are you thinking about why? 

Actually, day by day routes are changing for our better convenience, and hence, it’s necessary to do Garmin Map Update so that you will reach your destination with a sweet and memorable ride. We have researched and found some of the easy steps so that you can do the Garmin GPS Map Update by yourself. 

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Steps For Garmin GPS Map Update

All the steps that we have provided below are tested properly and a number of people have updated their Garmin device with the help of this method. So, follow all the steps in the same way as they are given below. 

  • 1 Connect Garmin GPS Device With Computer

First, you have to connect your GPS device with the computer. Hence, remove the device from your vehicle and then connect it with your laptop or computer with the help of a USB cable. If you are doing that for the very first time then you have to create an account first. 

Facing an issue while creating the account for Garmin GPS? Call Us Now
  • 2 Install Garmin Express

If someone doesn’t know then we would like to tell Garmin Express is the application that has been designed to manage the devices by Garmin. Hence, download the Garmin express to your computer device. Open the file and by following all the instructions, install the file to your system. 

  • 3 Do Garmin GPS Update

When Garmin GPS will be installed properly to the system, then move forward to the next step. Before that, don’t forget to connect your device with a good wifi network. Click on “Add a device” and then locate your Garmin GPS. 

The Garmin will help to tell you all the available updates for your Garmin GPS device. Click on the update tab and let the update install to Garmin GPS. 

  • 4 Disconnect The Device

As soon as Garmin Update gets completed, just disconnect the device from the system and put that back to your vehicle. You have an Update Garmin GPS Software now, hence you can go to an unknown place. 

Common Garmin GPS Problems

While using the Garmin GPS device, you may encounter a number of issues that may irritate you. Hence, below we are going to tell you some troubleshooting steps. 

One of the common reasons why your GPS device is not working could be that you forget to charge your GPS device. If that is not the case then you have performed a hard reset to your device. 

To do that, just remove the device from the power vent, and after that press the power button. You will find the button at the bottom right corner. Hold the power button for a few seconds and you will then see some instructions on the screen. 

Click on “Yes” and follow the instruction to perform the hard reset. This will help to resolve each issue within the Garmin device. Now, check the GPS antenna if plugged correctly or not. 

You have now completed the steps to resolve the issue of Garmin GPS Not Working

  • Garmin GPS Not Charging 

You can easily resolve the issue of Garmin GPS Not Charging just by performing a soft reset. Don’t worry, a soft reset will not delete anything from your system. You just have to connect the GPS device with a computer using a USB cable. Now, hold down the power button for at least 25 seconds. Wait for a while and then turn the device ON again. Now, let the battery charge to 100%. 



Garmin customer service phone number

We have told you each and everything related to Garmin GPS Map Update and common Garmin GPS problems.  If there is something that you want to ask us then dial the given phone number for Garmin GPS now and our technicians will resolve all of your issues. 

We have a team of dedicated and experienced technicians who have been working with us for years. They will surely resolve all of your issues in a short possible time. You can call them anytime you want as they are round the clock available for you. 

So stop stressing out and pick up your call now!!! Our team is enough capable to handle every issue related to Garmin GPS.

A Brief Guide For Garmin GPS Map Update
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