Try These Easy Method To Troubleshoot Garmin GPS Not Working

Garmin GPS Not Working

If you have tried your hard and still didn’t find a permanent solution for Garmin Gps Not working then this article is only for you.

In this guide, we will first try to know all the reasons behind the issue and then we will move forward in the direction to resolve it. 

It is necessary to know the reasons because for the next time you will be a little aware of the problem and will be able to troubleshoot it by yourself. 

Just like any other gadgets, Garmin devices also start showing some errors and that’s a very normal thing. So, don’t get upset and focus on the given methods to troubleshoot why Garmin GPS Won’t Turn On

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What Are The Reasons Behind Garmin GPS Not Working?

There could be a number of reasons behind the issue. It’s not always possible that the device will stop suddenly, many times we don’t treat the gadgets with proper manners. Hence, we end up facing similar issues like this.

  • The device is not fully charged 
  • Depleted battery 
  • Worn-out logic board 
  • Lost GPS signals 
  • The power button is not working 
  • Touch screen stops working 


Troubleshooting Steps For Garmin Gps Not Working 

Below, we are going to tell you a few steps to troubleshoot the issue so that Garmin GPS Not Turn On will get resolved. 

Perform A Hard Reset 

  • To troubleshoot this issue, you have to charge your GPS device fully. Hence, charge the device first and then jump to the next step. 
  • Now, you have to perform the hard reset so as to solve all the issues that are troubling you while using the device. 
  • With the help of hard reset, everything will be deleted from the device and it will be like the new one. 
  • To perform a hard reset, disconnect the device from the power vent when it will be charged. 
  • At the bottom right corner of the device, you will find a power button, press it for some time. 
  • See on the screen, you will be asked something related to rebooting the device. Follow the instructions given on the screen and reboot the device. 
  • By performing this reset, it will master reset the whole device and clear all the software related issues that are troubling you and the device. 
  • When this process will be completed, check if the device is working properly or not. 

Delete The Update

Although the above method is enough to resolve the issue if your Garmin GPS Not working even after performing a hard reset then try this method. 

You just have to delete the update from the device and install it again to make your Garmin GPS working again. 

  • You have to reset again your Garmin device and then connect it with your computer with the help of a USB cable. 
  • Make sure that the cable is working properly 
  • When the device will be connected with the computer, you will get the notification automatically 
  • If you didn’t get any notification then reconnect the device with another USB cable
  • From the official website of Garmin, download the Garmin Express to your computer. Let us tell you that Garmin Express is the software that will help you to perform the Garmin GPS Update. Without it, you can’t update your Garmin device. 
  • When the software will be installed properly, register your device first and search for the latest Garmin update 
  • Download the update to the computer
  • Install the update by following the instructions given on the screen 
  • When the installation process will be completed, gently remove the device from the computer and place it back to the vehicle. 
  • This is how Garmin GPS Update Maps with the help of Garmin express

Let us tell you, there are people who ask for How to Update Garmin GPS Without Computer but that is not possible. So, don’t believe in the blogs who say the same. 

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Try all the above methods and comment below if you like the blog. It may be possible that some of the above-given steps may be hard to apply for you. In that case, you can call us directly at the Garmin Helpline number. 


We have a team of dedicated technicians who have been working with us for years. They will resolve the issue in a short period of time. 

Call them now and ask them why your Garmin GPS Not Working. They are the best in their work and you will get the guaranteed solution.

Try These Easy Method To Troubleshoot Garmin GPS Not Working
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