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Garmin Lifetime Map Update is very crucial for the GPS device. With each update, the performance of your Gps device will improve and you will get a chance to enjoy more features. The update is used to provide the recent data for roads, routes, roads, and streets. Garmin Express is the software that will help you to complete the Garmin gps update.

Do you know what could be the consequences of using an outdated map? It will show you the wrong information and who knows you will end up struggling on an unknown path.

We know that you don’t want to face such troubles. This is why it is very necessary to update the Garmin device after a regular interval of time.

If you want to know more about the Garmin Update, dial the toll-free Garmin Helpline number. Our professionals are 24*7 available to help our customers.

How To Do Garmin Lifetime Maps Update?

You can complete the Garmin Map update with the help of Garmin Express. But, you should have the lifetime Subscription of nuMap and Preloaded Garmin maps should be installed on your device.

Requirements to Update Old Garmin Gps Device

In order to update maps in Garmin, you must fulfill the requirements given below:

  1. Garmin Express Software
  2. Garmin GPS
  3. Micro SD card for data transfer
  4. Windows PC or MAC
  5. Compatible data cable
  6. NuMAPS lifetime Subscription 

There are two different ways to complete the Garmin Lifetime Maps Update. Either you can update it via wifi or Garmin Express.

For any help regarding the Garmin Express update, dial the toll-free Garmin Helpline number now.

Steps To Update Garmin Gps Via wifi

In order to update the Garmin gps device via wifi, follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Make sure that your Garmin Gps device is connected to the wi-fi network. Now, go to settings, and choose your wifi networks.
  2. On your Garmin gps device, check for all the latest updates. The update will appear on the settings icon, if available.
  3. Select  “updates” from settings to start the downloading process.
  4. In order to install all available firmware and Garmin map updates, click on “Install All”.
  5. If you want to install the map updates only, choose the desired map and click on Install. On the other hand, choose “update Software” if you want to update the software only.
  6. Moving forward, read the license agreement and tick the box of “Accept All”.
  7. While doing the Garmin Lifetime Map Update, make sure your device is charging continuously or charged fully already.

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Steps To Do Garmin Map Update Via Garmin Express

You can follow the below-given steps if you want to complete the Garmin Update via Garmin Update Software:

  1. Before we proceed further to complete the Garmin Nuvi Update, charge your device completely. It would be better if you will charge the gps continuously until the update process will not be completed.
  2. Now, visit the official website of Garmin. If you are a new Garmin user, create a new account. Now, download the Garmin Express file to your computer system. Once the file will be downloaded, open it and complete the installation by following all the on-screen instructions.
  3. Connect the Garmin Gps device to the computer with the help of a usb cable. Once the device is connected successfully, you will get a notification on the computer screen.
  4. Open the Garmin Express software and complete the login with your email id and password.
  5. Search for all the available updates for Garmin, and tap on “Update”. In order to install all the available updates, Click on “install all”. If you want to install a specific one then tap on “view” and choose to install.
  6. The update process may take some time to complete. Hence, don’t install any other application until then.
  7. Once the Garmin Update process will be successful, remove the device from the computer.
  8. Now, you can travel anywhere you want as you have the updated Garmin device completely.

Note: If you are facing any kind of issue while doing the Map update then dial the Garmin customer service number now.

How to Check the Current Version of Garmin Update?

In order to check the current version, follow the steps that have been mentioned below:

  1. First, you have to turn ON your Garmin Gps device. If the device is not turning On then check the batteries or charge it completely.
  2. Once the device will be opened, move the mouse to the “Tools icon”.
  3. Go to “Settings cog” and then touch Map.
  4. Moving further, press on info. In this section, the name of your map will appear on the screen.
  5. To enable the mapping of your device, mark the checkbox. This is how to check the current version.


This article can be concluded on the point that a regular Garmin Lifetime Map Update is very necessary for a gps device. In this guide, we have mentioned all the steps to complete the update via wifi and Garmin Express. If you need more help, dial the given toll-free Garmin Customer Service.

Garmin Lifetime Map Update | Garmin Update 1-800-983-7116 Garmin Customer Service
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