Why Is My Magellan GPS Not Working? Quick Fix

Magellan Gps Not Working

Worried because Magellan Gps Not Working? Take a chill pill and relax, we are here to help you. Gps devices are essential while traveling from one place to another. Especially, if you are a truck driver, you must have a suitable GPS device like Magellan.

Just like any other GPS device, Magellan GPS sometimes stopped working because of one or other reasons. In this guide, we are going to tell you all the solutions required to troubleshoot the Magellan GPS.

Why Are Magellan Gps Not Working?

There could be some valid reasons why your GPS device has stopped working. We are going to share some possible causes that could be responsible for why your Magellan GPS has stopped responding. Don’t forget to note the mentioned points below:

  1. Weak or poor internet connection
  2. The touch screen of the GPS has stopped responding
  3. Magellan GPS device is outdated
  4. The GPS device is not fully charged
  5. Pending Magellan Gps Update

Troubleshooting Methods: Magellan Gps is Not Working

In the given lines, you will get all the troubleshooting solutions that will resolve the issue completely. So, if your Magellan GPS has stopped working, try the steps mentioned below:

1 Magellan Gps Update

If you will not update your GPS device, you need to face a number of issues. The reason why your GPS is not working could be an outdated device. Hence, update the GPS device.

Step 1: Download Magellan Content Manager 

It is very necessary to download the Content Manager to update the GPS device. Follow the below-given steps to download the software.

  • On your current web browser, go to the official website of Magellan GPS.
  • You can easily download the website easily on Windows or Mac OS.
  • Click on the download link and wait until the software will not be downloaded successfully.
  • Once it will be downloaded, open the folder and open the downloaded file.
  • Run the file and install the application to the device.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the downloading process
  • Now, connect your GPS with the computer using a USB cable.
  • If your device is already registered, it will detect the updates automatically. For first-timers, you need to register the device first.
  • Once you are done with this process, you can move ahead to complete the update.

2. Reset Magellan Gps Device

Due to some internal glitches, your GPS device might have stopped working. Reset the GPS device to fix the issue. There are 3 ways to reset the Magellan Gps device:

Method 1: Pinhole Button

  • There is a reset hole on your GPS device. It can be located on either side of the GPS.
  • Find the reset hole and press the button using a thin pin-like object for about 10 seconds.
  • When you do that, the GPS device will be turned off.
  • Turn ON the GPS device by pressing the power button ON.
  • Your device has been reset completely.

Method 2: Slide Switch

You can also use a slide switching button to completely reset your Magellan GPS device. Here are the steps to do so:

  • Turn off the slide switch button to OFF.
  • Hold down the OFF button for a while.
  • Now, release the button for a while in order to reset it completely.

Method 3: Reset Switch

Use the reset switch button to reset your GPS device, here are the steps:

  • Slide the reset switch to the resetting position.
  • Hold the slide for at least 10 seconds.
  • Release the button gently.
  • This will complete the Magellan reset process.

3. Connect Magellan Gps With the Internet

If you have tried everything but your Magellan Gps Not Working, check your internet connection first. A bad wifi connection could be responsible for the error.

You can easily check the internet speed with a number of tools on Google. After checking, if you have found low internet speed, follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Remove all the barriers that come across between your device and the internet.
  • Remove all the other devices connected with the wifi.
  • Make sure your GPS router and wifi are placed at a distance of 2 to 3 feet.
  • Put the Magellan GPS router 5 feet above the ground.


Wrap Up!

In order to wrap up the article, it can be said that if your Magellan Gps Not Working, check the internet speed and make sure your device is updated successfully. In This guide, we have mentioned all the steps required to fix the issue. For more help, get in touch with our team of experts today!

Why Is My Magellan GPS Not Working? Quick Fix
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