Follow These Easy Steps To Do Magellan GPS Update

Magellan GPS Update

We are going to ask you a few silly questions. Do you want to be stuck in an unknown place? Do you want to waste your time on the wrong paths? We know that you would say no. Then why do you always forget to do Magellan GPS Update. You don’t forget to update apps, you don’t forget to update your smartphone, laptop, etc. but the GPS device that helps you to reach your destination, you forget to update that. 

If you don’t know How to do Magellan GPS Update then read this guide about Magellan Map Update. In place of it, for an immediate solution, you can take help from our Magellan GPS Customer Service. 

The reason why we are forcing you to update the GPS device is, we don’t want you to face any kind of trouble while traveling. As time passes, the routes are changes continuously for a better traveling experience. Hence, if you want that your GPS device will show you the latest path map then update your GPS now. 

Methods To Do Magellan GPS Update

To do Magellan Roadmate Update, follow all the given steps in the same order as provided. 

Before moving forward, we would like to say that, download “content Manager” to your device to Update Magellan GPS. For those who don’t know about Content Manager, it’s a communication bridge between the server and the GPS device. Also, with the help of this, you can easily download or update the Magellan GPS software. 


  • Make assured that your GPS machine is completely charged
  • We hope that you have downloaded the Content Manager 
  • Don’t use multiple applications on the computer in which you have installed content manager at the time of GPS update 
  • Open the Content Manager. 
  • You will then be asked to enter the login credential into your account. In the case, you don’t have any Magellan account then create one from its official website 
  • To complete the Magellan GPS Map Update, connect the GPS device to the computer device with the help of a USB cable 
  • You will then get a notification that the GPS device has been connected to the computer. 
  • In this case, you will find that there is no GPS device connected with the computer then check the USB cable if working properly or not. Try to change the USB cable with a new one to complete the connection between GPS and computer. 
  • When you will see the GPS device on your computer, right-click on it and click on “check for update”. 
  • If there would be any available updates, you will be shown there. You just have to click on “update” Magellan Gps Software
  • Download the update and let it install on your device properly. It may take some time. 
  • Remove the device from the computer and place it back in its position. 
  • You can travel anywhere you want as you have an updated version of the Magellan Navigation device.

Important Information

Magellan provides a number of GPS devices and all of those devices need a regular update after a certain interval of time. If you want to do Magellan Roadmate 1200 Update, Magellan Roadmate 1700 Update, Magellan Roadmate 1412 Update, Magellan Roadmate Map Update, Magellan Maestro 4250 Map Update, you have to follow the same steps as given above.=

Make sure that you have downloaded the content Manager before doing Magellan GPS Update. Without Content Manager, you can’t update your GPS device. 

Things You Should Take Care At The Time Of GPS Map Updates: 

For a better traveling experience, it’s really necessary to update GPS after a regular interval of time. While updating your GPS device, take care of all the points given below: 

  • Your GPS device should be fully charged as the update process may be left incomplete if the device will be turned off. 
  • Don’t forget to download the Content Manager
  • The USB cable which you are using should be of good quality. Replace it with a new one if that is not working well.  
  • You should have a good internet connection so that you can update the GPS device quickly. 


Magellan GPS customer service

We have already told you enough times that it is really important to do Magellan GPS Update for better functioning of GPS device. Hence, follow the steps that have been given above. In case, you are facing any kind of issue while doing the GPS Update, you can take help from our experts.

The team of experts that are working with us has years of experience. We are very lucky to have them as they are really very innovative and dedicated. So, don’t waste your time and pick up your phone now to call us. By our suggestion, save our toll-free number to your phone book so that you can call us for any GPS-related issue.

Follow These Easy Steps To Do Magellan GPS Update
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