Some Easy Steps To Do Rand McNally GPS Update

Rand McNally GPS Update

Do you ever think how would be our life without a Rand McNally GPS device? Remember those days, when we used to struggle to reach any destination for the very first time. We had to depend on each other to ask for the right path and many times it happens that people told us the wrong path. Huh!!! It was really so difficult to reach any unknown place then. But today, with the help of Rand McNally GPS devices, we can go anywhere we want. One more thing, if you want your Rand McNally GPS device will always work fine then don’t forget to do Rand McNally GPS Update

In this guide, we are going to provide you with all the steps that are required to complete the Rand McNally update process. You just have to repeat all the same steps in the given manner. Also, if you are looking for someone to guide you then call now on Rand McNally Phone Numbers

Steps To Perform Rand McNally GPS Update

Before doing Rand Mcnally Map Updates, you have to complete the following requirements: 

Supported web browsers

  • You must have internet explorer 7 or above
  • Safari 4 or above
  • Firefox 3 or above 
  • Chrome 4 or above 
  • Opera 10 or above


Hard Disk Space

The space of the hard disk should be at least 8 GB or above

Operating System

  • MAC OS X 10.5 and above, Intel-based only 
  • Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10*
  • Windows computer needs .net framework 3.5 or above

Now, you can process further. 

  • First, make sure that you are connected with a good speed internet connection 
  • Now, remove the Rand McNally GPS device from the vehicle 
  • Check twice if your GPS device is completely charged 
  • Connect the device with the computer with the help of a USB cable 
  • Now, you have to download the Rand McNally GPS Software to your computer system. Let us tell you that without the Rand McNally Dock software, you can’t complete the process of Rand McNally GPS Update. Hence, go to the official site of the Gps device and from there download the software. Let the file download properly and hence install it. 
  • When you will connect the GPS device with a computer, you will be notified that a device is now connected with your device
  • If you will not get any notification then remove the USB cable and connect it again. If still the cable is not working then connect your device with a new USB cable of good quality. 
  • When the device will be connected to the computer, the Rand McNally Dock will open automatically. 
  • When the software will be opened, you can check there for the available updates for your device
  • Update Rand McnallyMaps now
  • Wait until all the maps will be updated properly

Congratulations! Now you have completed the process for Rand McNally GPS Update. Remove the device from the computer and place it back to your vehicle. You can now travel anywhere you want as you have one of the smartest GPS.

Rand McNally No GPS Signal

Rand McNally No GPS Signal

If you are facing any issue with your GPS signal then follow the steps given below to resolve the issue. Sometimes, it is possible to face such issues so don’t worry and try the steps given below

  • Make sure that your GPS device is connected with a good internet connection 
  • At the button of your screen, you will see the option of settings “gear” icon 
  • You have to click on that icon first 
  • Now, click on General followed by system setting and Gps repair 
  • When you will do that, restart the device and test if the issue of rand McNally GPS does not turn on got solved or not
  • If you are still dealing with the same issue then it’s time to call on rand McNally GPS customer service numbers now. 


What Else You Can Do…

We have provided you with all the steps that are required to complete the Rand McNally GPS Update. Although all the provided steps are enough to complete the update, in case you got stuck on any step then our technicians are always here to help us. 


Yes, we have a team of dedicated technicians who are working night and day just to resolve all of your issues. They are experienced and with their new techniques and method, they will provide you with a complete solution. So, don’t waste your time and call them now on a given number or visit us.

Some Easy Steps To Do Rand McNally GPS Update
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