How To Reset Garmin GPS Device Quickly? Here Is The Complete Guide

Reset Garmin GPS

Hey! Are you facing any kind of issue while using the GPS device? If yes then you should Reset Garmin GPS device. Resetting the device will fix all of your issues like Garmin GPS Not Working, Garmin GPS Offline, etc. 

In this guide, we will let you provide all the steps and methods via which you can easily reset the GPS device. In case, you are looking for additional help, call the given Garmin Helpline number. We have a team of technicians who are 24*7 working for you. Call them anytime you want and ask them anything related to the Garmin GPS device. 


How To Reset Garmin GPS Device?

When you will reset your Garmin GPS device, it will make some changes in the current settings and allow your GPS device for a new start. Most of the time, a quick restart fixes all the issues related to the Garmin GPS device. 

Here is how you can reset your GPS. You can reset your device in two ways, i.e. by performing a hard reset or soft reset. 

If you want to soft reset your GPS device, follow the steps provided below. 

  1. To soft reset Garmin GPS device, press the power button given on the GPS device and then turn On the device again. 
  2. Once you will see that your GPS device is going to start again, you can release the power button now. 
  3. When you do this, the home screen will appear on the device with a Garmin logo. 
In the case, you have found that the issue is still there and not fixed by the soft reset, use the hard reset method. 

If you want to hard reset your GPS device, here are the steps: 

  1. The very first thing that you need to do is to disconnect all the cables connected to your GPS device. Don’t forget to remove the power cable too. 
  2. At the back of the GPS device, you will see a tiny button. You need to press the button but you can’t do it with your fingers. 
  3. With the help of a tiny object, press the button and don’t release it until your device will not be restarted. 
  4. Wait for a while until your GPS device will not be restarted again. Also, release the power button once you will see that the device is restarting now. 
  5. After doing that, make sure that you let your device reset all the settings. 
  6. Soon after you will complete the hard reset Garmin GPS process. Check, whether all of your saved data, locations, and customized or not. 

These are some of the main steps that you needed to perform a hard reset. In case you are facing any kind of issue while doing the process, you can take the help of our technicians. 

How To Change The Current Password?

We all know that a GPS device is very useful for making our traveling a little better and easier. Today, we can travel wherever we want without even asking and looking for helping boards. But, it happens several times that even these Garmin GPS devices sometimes start creating trouble. 

In the guide, we are going to discuss how to reset Garmin GPS device. But, before that, we will know why you need to reset your GPS device. 

  1. It may be possible that your GPS device is not updated yet. 
  2. Any issue with your internet connection. 
  3. Batteries are damaged. 
  4. The charging slot of the GPS device is not working. 
  5. To fix any kind of issue related to the Garmin GPS device. 

So, whenever you have found that your GPS device is not working properly, reset Garmin GPS. Soon after you will complete the reset, all of your issues related to the GPS device will be fixed. 

For an immediate solution, you can call on a given helpline number. We also have a team of technicians who are waiting for your call. 


Two More Words…

Resetting the GPS device is very necessary if you want to troubleshoot the issues related to Garmin GPS. In this guide, we have told you how to reset Garmin GPS properly. If you are still dealing with any kind of issue then let us know. We have a team of technicians who are eagerly waiting to help you. 

Call us anytime you want, we are 24*7 accessible.

How To Reset Garmin GPS Device Quickly? Here Is The Complete Guide

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