Easy Tricks To Do TomTom GPS Update 

TomTom GPS Update

Trying to do the TomTom GPS Update? Ohh! But do you know the easy methods to update your GPS device? In this guide, we are going to tell you some of the easy steps with the help of which you can set up your device easily. 

Suppose you are going where for the first time and your device will guide you the wrong path and you end up struggling on an unknown path. How would you feel at that time? We know that would be so much frustrating and you will only say that what a bad GPS device is. 

Let us tell you that roads have been constructed day by day and that is why it is necessary to do a TomTom map update soon after you will get the notification to update your device. 

How To Do TomTom GPS Update?

To do TomTom Update, first, you have to download the TomTom Home to your computer system. Without TomTom Home, it’s impossible to update the GPS device. Let us tell you that TomTom Home is a software that has been designed specially to update TomTom GPS devices. 


Download TomTom Home

  • Make sure that you have fully charged your GPS device. If not then connect it with the power cable and wait for the time it will not charge fully. The reason why we are telling you to charge the device fully is, we don’t want that your update will not be completed because of a low-charge device. 
  • Take out the device from your vehicle. We would like to suggest you remove the device carefully. 
  • Connect the device to the computer system with the help of USB cables
  • Make sure that you are using the device of good quality. Although, you will get the cable with the device. If you have lost it somehow then only use good quality cable. 
  • When you will connect TomTom to the computer system the TomTom Home will be installed automatically to the system. You just have to wait for a while as it may take some time to install the TomTom Home to the computer system 
  • If TomTom hasn’t been installed yet then go to the site of TomTom and download TomTom Home from there. Actually, it depends on the model of TomTom GPS, in newer models, the TomTom Home will install automaticallyTomtom Gps Update. In case, you have the old one then you have to download the software from the official website of TomTom. 

Install TomTom Home Update 

  • Install TomTom Home and open the file. While installing the software, you just have to follow the instructions that you will see on the screen. 
  • When you open the TomTom, you will see there the options to scan for the available updates. Actually, it will tell you about all the necessary updates and the information that you need for your device. 
  • Click on the available update and the TomTom Home will start downloading the TomTom GPS Update
  • Download the Update to the computer one the location where it would be easily founded later. In case you will face any issue while downloading the update then check your internet connection is working properly or not
  • Install the TomTom GPS Update Maps
  • Wait for a while as the process may take some time to install
  • Disconnect the device after it will be updated properly 
  • Place the device back to its position 


Last Words…

We have tried our best to tell you each and everything related to TomTom GPS Update. Although all the provided steps are enough to complete the update. In this case, you will face any issues related to the GPS device without thinking much dial tomtom GPS phone number now. 

Let us tell you that if you want to do Tomtom XL Update or TomTom XXL Update, for these two devices also you just have to follow the same steps that have been given above. 

Try to update the GPS device by yourself first, if you face any difficulty then our team of experts is always looking forward to helping you with their new techniques and methods. So, don’t panic much, put your phone and call us now on the provided numbers. 

Easy Tricks To Do TomTom GPS Update 
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